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Deploy and Interact with a Solidity Contract

Deploy a Solidity contract

Given Axon’s full compatibility with the EVM, contract deployment on Axon closely resembles the process on Ethereum. You can follow the Hardhat Getting Started for guidance. The only distinction is the network configuration.

This document assumes that you have followed the Axon quick start to run an Axon node.

Once your project is created using npx hardhat, you just need to edit the hardhat.config.ts file as follows:

import { HardhatUserConfig } from "hardhat/config";
import "@nomicfoundation/hardhat-toolbox";

const config: HardhatUserConfig = {
solidity: "0.8.19",
networks: {
axon: {
url: "", // The RPC URL of Axon devnet
// Axon devnet's accounts since the genesis block
// See
accounts: {
mnemonic: "test test test test test test test test test test test junk",
count: 10, // the number of accounts to derive

export default config;

With these configurations in place, now you can connect Hardhat to this Axon node. For example, to run a deployment script against it, simply run the script using --network axon:

$ npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.ts --network axon

# Result
Lock with 0.001ETH and unlock timestamp 1694761966 deployed to 0x5FbDB2315678afecb367f032d93F642f64180aa3

Interact With the Deployed Contract

Interacting with Axon contracts is the same as with Ethereum contracts. You can refer to for more details.