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Why Build With Axon

Axon facilitates the flow of assets and information between DApps built on different blockchains for a multi-chain future. With Axon, web3 builders can easily transform their ideas into reality. Whatever your project is, whether it’s GameFi, DeFi, or NFT, Axon offers a scalable and cost-effective framework to deploy your applications.

Universal Abstraction

The abstraction capacity of Axon allows for the construction of any account model and virtual machine instructions. Development on Axon can be done through precompiled contracts, which opens up endless possibilities to build appchains, contract wallets, and other applications.

Native Interoperability

As a highly versatile framework, Axon enjoys superb native interoperability. More than 100% EVM compatible, Axon will soon be compatible with Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)—the gateway to the Cosmos ecosystem. Axon will onboard more protocols for seamless integration across various blockchain networks.

High Performance

Axon uses a new Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) based consensus algorithm that supports over 3000 TPS (tested 1000+ TPS on Uniswap V3) across hundreds of nodes with fast transaction finality.

Developer-Friendly Design

With a full-fledged toolkit built by Axon, Web3 developers can start building right away. By automating off-chain communication, Axon significantly reduces the cost of deployment.

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