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Axon Faucet provides tokens for testing purposes. You can explore and experiment with their full range of capabilities in a safe and controlled environment. These tokens can be used for a variety of purposes, including transaction, staking, delegation, and more.


1. Copy axon-devops directory to the target machine

git clone
cd axon-devops/axon-faucet

2. Edit the config file

  • axon-devops/axon-faucet/config.yml
deploy_path: "/home/ckb/axon-faucet"
# Which path that the axon-faucet repo clone into
faucet_repo: ""
# The github address of axon-faucet
faucet_branch: "master"
# The branch name of axon-faucet
# Http address of axon rpc
axon_faucet_claim_value: 1000000000000000000
# Faucet claim value
mongodb_password: mongodbpassword
# mongo db password that using by faucet
mongodb_url: mongodb://root:mongodbpassword@faucet-mongo:27017
# URL address of mongo db that using by faucet

3. Execute one-click deployment

cd axon-devops/axon-exeplorer
make start #start axon faucet
docker-compose ps # check axon faucet status
make down #stop axon faucet

4. Initialize a mnemonic phrase

curl http://localhost:8502/api/import-mnemonic?mnemonic=test%20test%20test%20test%20test%20test%20test%20test%20test%20test%20test%20junk
# Make sure to use unique mnemonic words in real deployment, NOT the sample words (these "test"s) here.

Once successfully deployed, open your browser and visit the faucet page http://localhost:8502/ to claim your tokens.