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Zero to Axon with Axon-cli

Axon-cli is an all-in-one client that makes operating Axon fast and easy. It contains initialization, DevOps, and cross-chain requests, among other functions.

Zero to Axon with Axon-cli is a hands-on tutorial. In less than 15 minutes, you can build a chain from scratch and learn how to start and manage a node with just one command.


Axon-cli heavily relies on docker, make sure that you have installed it. To run apm, ansible-playbook is also required.

Install Axon-cli From GitHub

Start by cloning Axon-cli from the GitHub repo by command:

git clone

Enter into Axon-cli directory

cd axon-cli

Under the Axon-cli directory, run the following command to build binary:

cargo build --release

Now your basic Axon-cli development environment is ready. Enter the Axon-cli interface by running the following command:


To quit Axon-cli, use Ctrl + C.

Managing Axon nodes

Before starting, we have to generate key pairs for nodes, by running:

axon keygen

To start multiple nodes, use -n argument to specify nodes number:

axon keygen -n <NUMBER OF NODE>

Then, we need to generate config files from these key pairs:

axon config-gen

Now, we can start nodes:

axon start

See axon help for more usage.

Application performance monitoring (APM)

Start APM monitor and agent(s) by running:

apm monitor start
apm monitor agent

You might need to input your user password.

After setting up, you can access the APM platform Grafana by visiting localhost:8600 in your browser.

Now you can see the axon-node Dashboard is displayed as below. Grafana provides time range control which is 7 days by default. Click on the time units on the top navbar to change the range. (The Last 1 hour is selected here as shown below.)

dash1 last 1 hourdash2

You can also view the benchmark in the Dashboard axon-benchmark displayed as below.

dash3 benchmark


Use benchmark start and benchmark stop control the benchmark status.

Axon & CKB

Axon repository on GitHub :

CKB docs and technical reference:

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